Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery

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Canon 1243 Particular law is to establish appropriate norms about the discipline to be observed in cemeteries, especially with regard to protecting and fostering their sacred character. As stated in Canon 1243, the Church is to strive to protect and foster the “sacred character” of the Catholic cemetery. As with the Church, the Catholic cemetery is a sacred place that has been so designated and consecrated by the local bishop or his designee. Here the bodies of the saints will lie in rest until they are called forth at the end of time in the resurrection of the body. The physical remains of a Catholic who is buried in a cemetery are an integral part of a unique person. That body was a tabernacle that held the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ when that person received Communion. That body was sealed with the waters of Baptism and became a temple of the Holy Spirit. Burial is our witness to the sure promise of future resurrection.

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  1. Archdiocese Of San Antonio
    Catholic Cemeteries & Mausoleums of San Antonio
    Owned and operated by the Archdiocese of San Antonio, these beautiful and historic resurrection gardens are set aside for the charitable and religious purpose of burying the dead and praying for both the deceased and their surviving families. As such, the Catholic cemetery holds the same status as any church as a place of worship.
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  2. Archdiocese Of Fargo